At Haughton Animal Hospital we have the ability to perform diagnostics such as bloodwork, radiography, and ultrasound with large animals. Our in clinic laboratory is equipped for most routine blood work including complete blood counts, chemistry panels, fibrinogens, urinalysis, microbiological cultures and sensitivities, fecal egg counts, and cytological exams. We routinely utilize several outside laboratories that provide quick service.

Digital Radiography

Haughton Animal Hospital offers fully digital radiology. With the use of digital radiography, we are able to take better quality x-rays, diagnose more problems, and develop a treatment plan within minutes compared to conventional radiography. Digital radiography allows Haughton Animal Hospital more ideal consultations with owners and referral veterinarians in order to develop better treatment plans for you and your animal.


Another very useful diagnostic tool that we offer at Haughton Animal Hospital is ultrasound. We use an external probe that works through sound waves to scan the body’s soft tissue structures. Ultrasound is a non invasive way to evaluate tendons, ligaments, swellings, masses, abdominal organs. Through use of trans abdominal ultrasound we can diagnose pregnancy in small ruminants.

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